Recently what has had my attention is the ability to shift with circumstances, people, and many of the variables that life hands us.

It is a gentle element that can serve you well, when you can shift your emotions, or your opinions, or even your spiritual understanding to help you through whatever is presenting itself.  It doesn’t even have to be something big, it can be something that we just need to take a moment and breath, and perhaps see something other than our view.

Let’s face it when you move to the right or move to the left your view changes. Why not try it with your inner world. Life seems to be happening so fast, it is a forward movement at all times, and yet we can get stuck in the past, or be focusing too far on the present.  My ability to shift is growing as my life is growing rapidly. The seeds I planted what seems like long ago have taken root, and I am seeing the growth in so many areas of my life. Everything that has had my attention is indeed showing the fruits of my labor, and yet sometimes I have to breathe and shift and be more in the moments so I can enjoy what I have created!

Beauty Solutions That Work: Here is a list of my go-to’s to get results!

  • Baby Foot: Get the smooth feet you deserve
  • OptiCystal: Eye gel that firms like no other
  • Vitamin C Serum: Protect and Firm all in one
  • Acid and  Micro Treatments: Refresh the skin-its like going to the gym for your skin—for real!
  • Refresh The Skin On Your Body: Light peels that tighten and refresh any area of the body
  • Permanent Makeup: It has never been so easy to get back the definition you may have lost.
  • Teen Acne Treatments: Combat that bacteria and get clearer skin…these treatments deliver results.

Complimentary Consultations…ask for Michele J.

Peace & Blessings,

Michele Mosler Owner/Esthetician