Each day we are greeted with a new dawn,

and it is up to us to create a checklist shall we say of how to navigate through times of stress, or even just to a more joyful existence on a day to day basis. Having an inner place to go to, can be quite delicious. It can energize you, it can organize you, it can calm you.



Whatever the need- creating a place of checking in can only improve your life. For me, I choose to breathe deep, letting go of my thoughts that are trying to get my attention. Then I like to assess the day. Where am I going inside with my thinking? Did I do well today in terms of communicating and being kind, patient, loving? Did I honor myself? Did I fill myself up with something that adds to my life?

My inner roster can be pretty diverse. By taking the time to focus on things that will benefit me, and those around me in a harmonious way, which creates positive things that can radiate further into my life.

Make an inner checklist. Get honest and real with yourself. Bring happy thoughts into your daily moments. Quiet the harmful chatter that doesn’t lend anything positive to our life. Become a spiritual warrior, and do some inner work.

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Peace & Blessings,

Michele Mosler Owner/Esthetician