Black and White of Michele

The idea of creating my boutique came from my playful personality with style.

I am a person who chooses to celebrate imperfections; being perfect is way too average! I love blending colors, fabrics, and my playful mood with my sense of style. I also used to sew all my clothes, so picking out a type with good material is very important to me. My goal was to open up an arena for people to think outside the box.

Try something they have never tried before. So often, friends or clients will say, “only you can wear that, Michele. Once they try it on, they see something different in their reflection, and they open themselves up to another part of themselves.

The Goddess With is not limited to clothing…it encompasses all my loves, candles, lotions, jewelry, journals, fun, and unique gifts, as well as some pretty transformative skincare. My boutique is inviting, and I want people to feel welcome and try something new.