Lash and Brow Tints

Stop worrying about smeared mascara and leave the tediousness of daily application behind. Add a deeper, richer color to your eyes and make them the focus of your face through lash and brow tinting that lasts several weeks, from morning to night. With twenty years of experience, Michele will highlight and transform your “windows to the soul” in a proprietary procedure that will not only beautifully frame them, but impart fullness and beauty.

Brow Sculpting

Beautiful brows that accentuate your eyes and frame your face help define your look. It’s the first area of your face that people see, but not everyone is fortunate enough to be blessed with perfectly shaped brows. The Goddess Within can assist you in realizing your Goddess Within through trained, artistic trimming and  waxing.

Tidy up your brows and shape them into a form that looks both natural and complimentary.

Makeup and Lash Application

The world of cosmetics and extensions can be overwhelming. Finding just the right brand, type, formulation or combination of the three are daunting tasks that cost time and money. Allow The Goddess Within to walk you through the process in a personalized session that will match your skin tone, skin type, eyes and facial structure with the perfect variety of makeup and extensions that work perfectly for you. Book a session with us for that upcoming wedding, shower, formal event or special night out on the town. One-on-one lessons are also available so you can take our experience home with you.

Permanent Makeup

Perhaps what we’re known for most, permit The Goddess Within to capture your inner beauty through the application of permanent makeup to your eyes and brows. Executed perfectly, the technique imbues permanent pigmentation to the dermis around your eyes, eyelids, brows and lips to produce a natural, defined look. Wake up each morning and go to bed each night looking your best. Your enhanced visage can mimic topical cosmetics or be so subtle as to be almost unnoticeable. Modifications and enhancements for new customers with pre-existing permanent makeup are also available.

Permanente Make-up: Yearly Treatment: $125

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