I marvel at the power of our thoughts and

how they produce results. With that being said, are you monitoring your thoughts in a positive direction? I study more profound parts of my mind. I like to carve out time to reflect, to ponder, and to simply be. When we are in a reactive place, things can get crazy. As I strip away the layers of my mind, I can only then get more “mindful.” You may ask, what is that? The best answer for me is that “mindfulness”, is that place inside me where I am not reacting and not judging.
It is a calm place of observation.

Like exercising a muscle, this place inside us gets stronger as you give it your attention. As we let go of opinions, egos, and what we think, we believe. Then I can allow myself my prayer time. What is prayer? What are affirmations?. For me, they are statements of what I believe to be true.

Prayer of the petition cannot produce the results of a prayer affirmed in one’s truth. Meaning when we come from a state of wanting, we are coming from lack. As opposed to coming from a thankful place of inner knowing that whatever is presenting itself can turn around, sometimes with the least effort when rooted in faith. Prayer for me is simply getting stronger with my faith and my self-talk.

When we have contrast in those areas, it just produces more conflict. Our thoughts and beliefs should match our intentions. All it takes sometimes is a gentle shift in awareness. Take moments for loving, peaceful, powerful thoughts. Allow them to replace the negative feelings or self-talk. See what this produces. See how you feel.

The eyes and the thighs these areas have always been a concern of mine. I have been obsessed with eye cream since my early twenties. Perhaps it has been a blessing. People ask me all the time why do I need an eye cream? The delicate tissue surrounding the eye area does not have any oil glands; therefore, it is more fragile and requires a different composition of ingredients than the rest of the face. In protecting and adding key ingredients, you can strengthen the area and diminish fines lines and wrinkles. I prefer a rotation wheel of eye cream. Each time I finish one of my creams, I rotate and bring in different ingredients to increase absorption. My new favorite for increasing the firmness of the skin on my body has been the Kayo Body Line. Medical grade body care! I have been able to retexturize the skin on my arms, chest, and legs…technology at its best!

Peace & Blessings,

Michele Mosler Owner/Esthetician