Life can be rather interesting.

It can be graceful and beautiful, as well as turbulent and scary. It is so amazing to me what a difference a day can make. So how do you ride the waves of the ups and downs of life?  The bible has a great verse that says, “to be in this world and not of it.” I truly believe it is only now in this passage of my life that I can glean what that really means for me.

When I am able to not react, and flow like the water of life, I am practicing that place in me that is not attached to the outcome, nor am I being reactive to the situation at hand. I can let things unfold. What is continually becoming more and more clear to me, is that whatever situation, or relationship, or event that is showing up in my life, it is never what I think -when it first appears. There is always a twist or a turn that takes place that reveals the true nature of why I needed to experience that. To quiet things down and not judge situations and people so quickly is a gift that I have been really trying to understand in my life. Yes, you must feel what you need to feel, but perhaps you can also try to realize that the more you let go the more you can see. It is a shift that has made a tremendous difference in my life. Take a breath, let go and see!

The Must Have’s

  • Volumizing Mascara: by Glo Mineral-a truly great mascara that does what it says it does-Volumizes!!
  • Eye Creams that work—I carry a variety of eye creams that really deliver. It is so important to take care of the delicate skin around the eye!
  • Jan Marini Daily Face Protectant: The best day cream ever…a mixture of a high-powered antioxidant moisturizer with a built-in SPF of 33…I wear it daily and my skin glows!!
  • Whipp: New scrubs and moisturizers from volcanic ash…sounds weird but it’s amazing.
  • Candles Galore…I am really into lighting my candles every night and creating a very peaceful environment. My son now has gotten into it. Take time to decompress and lighten your load. It makes a difference.

Peace & Blessings,

Michele Mosler Owner/Esthetician