Courage is innate in all of us.

It is an element that comes forth when we are in a place of fear, or perhaps a quandary of what to do, and which way to turn in our lives. For me, sometimes I feel paralyzed on how to move forward, but when I step back I can see a larger view that gives me solutions or creates momentum in order to move forward. I realize now, that is the courageous part of me. That is the place that I dwell, that allows me to turn things around.

I don’t feel courageous at that moment, I am somewhat stricken with doubt, but I move forward in spite of that, and I allow myself to listen to the part of myself that is acting in accordance with my faith and belief system. So what I have gleaned, is that courage is not the absence of fear, it is when we act even when the fear is intense. Lately, that has been the theme of my life, but as I move through the fear and I get even a partway through, I can see things differently and a calmness washes over, me allowing me not to judge too harshly. It is a path that is not always easy, but we are all faced with situations that we ultimately will demonstrate courage.

I love the skin! I can’t say enough at how much I learn about the integrity and the rejuvenating aspects of the skin. It is truly an amazing organ and tissue. I recently did a small peel on my skin. I applied the solution on Wednesday am, and by Friday afternoon I was peeling all around my mouth and chin. Nothing crazy- just alight peel that boosts my collagen, and refreshes my skin. It helps to re-texturize my pores, even out skin tone, and gives me a glow. Saturday I was still peeling but mostly around my eyes and forehead, and by Sunday I looked good- just some perimeter skin around my hairline. Wow-what a boost, what a quick and easy way to tighten and firm my skin. As I have said before, many of my skincare treatments, whether it be Microdermabrasion or the peels, they are like fitness for the face. Much like our body, and how it responds to diet and exercise, the face responds the same way to these treatments. Yes, it is a commitment, but if you stop eating a good diet and exercise, your body won’t look like it once did. The skin on our face responds so quickly to these treatments and to certain ingredients.  Take time to figure out what will work for you, and invest in the only skin you have!

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Peace & Blessings,

Michele Mosler Owner/Esthetician