Being true to yourself is not as easy as one would think.

It is almost like a true commitment to your character. So often we want to please or be liked, or rather “think we should” do this or that. Breaking the chain of thinking and letting go of that dialogue in your head that doesn’t serve you is what that task at hand will require. It’s like rebooting your brain.

Our computers need a tune-up, our cars need a tune-up, and at times our thinking and our attachment to the past needs the same tune-up. By disciplining your mind, you will limit the clutter, and allow yourself to see with a new vision. I woke up this morning with such clarity, and optimism, because last night I let go of old thinking, and of events that I didn’t need to re-visit. Prayer and meditation are my tools. They strengthen me, they give me fuel shall we say. Take a minute to quiet that mind of yours and see what happens. It is a muscle, and it gets stronger the more we use it. Be true to yourself!

Peels are easier than you think. A month ago I made a big commitment to be more diligent with my skin and decided to do a series of light peels on myself.  I am on my second peel and realized how easy it is to fit in my schedule. Many of my clients want to try a peel, but put off doing them because of the downtime. Well, I am here to say that it is easier than you think. The outcome and the benefits far outweigh a couple of days of actual peeling. My skin looks firmer than ever and is really showing me that this is a necessary step in my journey of any anti-aging treatments. The peels range from $75.00- $150.00 and create smoothness, retexturizes, builds collagen, and creates a beautiful glow in the skin. Let me design the right peel for you and try something that will indeed boost your skin and make you feel good about yourself.

Peace & Blessings,

Michele Mosler Owner/Esthetician